5G-ERA attended the ICT-52 Workshop on 6G!

During the 3rd and 4th of February 2022, HEXA-X, the European 6G Flagship project, organised the ICT-52 Workshop on 6G.

HEXA-X together with other 6G projects belonging to the 5G PPP – Smart Connectivity beyond 5G (ICT-52), REINDEER, TeraFlow, 6G-BRAINS, MARSAL, DAEMON, COREnect, AI@EDGE, RISE-6G and B5G-OPEN took part in the workshop.

The 5G-ERA project attended this 2-day virtual event that brought together several sister projects architecture and vision, covered a wide range variety of topics demonstrating the ambition, progress and capabilities of these projects. Opened by EC with beyond 5G and 6G: European R&I perspective and topics such as:

  • 6G vision
  • 6G use cases and societal values – including aspects of sustainability, security and spectrum
  • Radio and sensing for 6G
  • Architecture, network evolution and expansion towards 6G
  • Hardware Design for 6G
  • Connecting intelligence towards 6G

Watch the full  workshop in HEXA-X YouTube Channel.

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