5G-ERA’s Partners OTE & WINGS presented 5G-ERA UCs in the scientific section “More Than 5G!” of the Infocom World Conference 2021!

5G-ERA Project envisions autonomous robot deployment using 5G testbeds to verify the robotic applications through 4 use cases:

  • Public Protection and Disaster Relief
  • Healthcare
  • Transport
  • Industry 4.0

In order to achieve autonomy, a robot must ‘learn’ during its operational process with a workflow based on PDCA (plan–do–check–act) model where “plan”, “do” and “check” are carried out virtually in cloud and the “act” is performed in a real workspace by the robot. Cloud and robots can be linked closely together for collective intelligence where the robot sends its data to the cloud and updates the local decision model via the cloud.

 For more information visit: https://5g-era.eu/-host.com