5G-ERA Workshop - Athens, October 2023

From Cloud Robots to 5G Enabled Connected Robotics

5G-ERA is organizing a demonstration event that will highlight the remarkable capabilities of the solutions developed as part of our project 5G-ERA: 5G ENHANCED ROBOT AUTONOMY. 

Date: October 26th 2023

Time: 10:00 – 16:00 (GMT+3)

Venue: OTE Academy, Athens, Greece

Address: 1 Pelika and Spartis, Maroussi, ZIP: 151 22

Event Abstract:
In recent years, there has been a significant advancement in wireless communication technologies. Concurrently, the field of robotics has witnessed rapid progress, particularly in the domain of autonomous mobile robots. With progress achieved in both fields, there is a trend to leverage the connectivity into more intelligent and connected robots “beyond the abilities of a single robot in an interconnected environment (such as the internet)”. The workshop is designed to demonstrate the latest progress of 5G-Enhanced Robotic Autonomy on accelerating the transformation from the traditional Cloud Robots to 5G/6G enabled Connected Robotics.
Demonstration Highlights:
•Live Demo of ERA Solutions:
5G Enhanced Rescue Robot and its network applications 
o Semi-autonomous Transport Robot with Connected Intelligence 
o 5G Enhanced Manufacturing Services
• Slicing and Network Function Virtualisation for Robot Applications 
• Towards Smarter 5G-Connected Mobile Robots: Dynamic Offloading and Radio-Aware Semantic Maps 
• Connected Robotics Platform for ROS in an Unstructured Network Environments 
• From Robot to Cloud: Seamless Transition of Local ROS Applications to Cloud Environment 
• Teleoperations and Dashboard

You can find the Agenda here.

Additional information also at GitHub.

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