5G-ERA Webinar: 5G-ERA Middleware – A Story of 5G and Robotics

The 5G-ERA project has the pleasure to invite you to our webinar 5G-ERA Middleware – A story of 5G and Robotics where we want to introduce the 5G-ERA scenarios and how we implement our deployment models to reach the desired solutions.

The webinar would not be whole without live demonstrations for:

  1. Distributed Network Applications for Robotics
  2. Middleware for deploying Network Applications
  3. On-boarding of the robots to the 5G-ERA middleware
  4. Offloading of the robot tasks on demand
  5. Edge switch using the 5G-ERA platform

Finally, a round table discussion will take place discussing the future of the project, our upcoming hackathon and what is the societal impact we visualise.

Register here: https://buytickets.at/ebostechnologiesltd/878962