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TWI Join 5G-ERA Project

TWI has joined a new 5G Research and Innovation project titled, 5G-ERA (5G Enhanced Robot Autonomy).

The aim of the 5G-ERA Project is aiming to provide an enhanced 5G experimentation facility and the relevant network applications for third party application developers to test and qualify their applications.

For more information: TWI Joins 5G-ERA Project – TWI (

Beds joins £6m 5G research & innovation project

Senior Lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire, Dr Renxi Qiu – who is Scientific Coordinator on the project – commented:

“We are very pleased that our research is acknowledged by the European commission and supported by research partners from the UK and on the continent. We believe this project will also contribute to and enhance our curriculum development in the School of Computer Science and Technology.

For more information: Beds joins 5G research and innovation project | University of Bedfordshire

5G-ERA – 5G Enhanced Robot Autonomy (01/2021 – 12/2023)

The project’s main ambition is upon the user-centric paradigm of integrating vertical knowledge into the existing standardised 5G testing framework, to improve QoE for vertical customers. The respective QoE will be measured by tangible gain of robot’s enhanced autonomy from the collective intelligence, enabled by 5G experimental facilities.

Use cases from four vertical sectors, namely public protection and disaster relief (PPDR), transport, healthcare and manufacturing will be validated in the project by rapid prototyping of NetApp solutions and enhanced vertical experiences on autonomy.

For more information: 5G-ERA 5G Enhanced Robot Autonomy (01/2021 – 12/2023) | OTE Group of Companies