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Workshop 2 – 5G-ERA robots cloud simulation

TITLE: 5G-ERA robots cloud simulation
TIME: 10:00 -12:00 + [GMT]
DESCRIPTION: Automation systems and robotic environments require a large number of software integrations and configurations that make it very difficult to replicate and deploy them in a systematic way. However, there are solutions known as “virtualisation” which are able to clone these environments in order to be able to deploy them in a scalable way. This workshop exploits the possibility of using the cloud for the deployment of services over the same network in robotic automation systems. In this way, a decentralized and scalable solution for the use of autonomous robotic systems is presented, making use of
containers and virtual functions to manage the services that you want to run on any device on the network.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Cloud and cluster setup
  • Robot Simulation deployment
  • Simulation interaction
  • Creation of custom robotic package
  • Cloud deployment of the package

All participants will actively participate in the workshop.


  • No robotics or cloud knowledge will be required, but desirable
  • PC or laptop with any OS (linux desired)
  • 5G-ERA AWS credentials (temporary credential for the day, let them know what permission is required)
  • Access to 5G-ERA github public repository
  • Modern web browser
  • SSH client
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