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Workshop 3 – 5G-ERA Reference NetApp

TITLE: 5G-ERA Reference NetApp
TIME: 10:00 -12:00 + [GMT]
MAIN PRESENTER: Jakub Špaňhel [Brno University of Technology]
DESCRIPTION: Robotic platforms and automation systems require to perform complex tasks from time to time to complete their goals. These complex tasks might be computationally heavy and time-consuming while not running on desired hardware (e.g. GPU). However, such tasks/applications might be deployed on EDGE/CLOUD with the more desired hardware and shared between multiple robots. The workshop exploits the possibilities of running such complex tasks/applications like object detection as NetApp for robotic and automation environments.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the 5G-ERA Reference NetApp
  • Explanation of the NetApp Interface
  • Requirements for robotic platforms
  • A simple scenario in ROS2 environment
  • Single-instance (Standalone) NetApp deployment in Kubernetes
  • Distributed NetApp deployment in Kubernetes

All participants will actively participate in the workshop.

Before start of this workshop, please be sure, that you complete all steps from Prerequisites.

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