Workshops & Demos

Workshop 1 – 5G-ERA Middleware

TITLE: 5G-ERA Middleware Presentation
TIME: 10:00 -12:00 + [GMT]
MAIN PRESENTER: Bartosz Bratus [University of Bedfordshire]
SECOND PRESENTER: Adrian Lendinez [University of Bedfordshire]
DESCRIPTION: ROS2 in Kubernetes and 5G-ERA Middleware considerations.

The workshop will cover the topics:

  1. Performance monitor image: Purpose, functionality, and usage of the image in the local testing environment.
  2. ROS2 in Kubernetes: Example conducted for testing environment, instructions on how to coordinate the deployment for the talker and listener.
  3. Performance testing: Connectivity and Latency validations
  4. Deployment using OSM
  5. Idea and Capabilities of the middleware
  6. Ensuring the reliability of the software

Followed by Active participation of the participants of workshop.

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